About Botomir

Botomir is a Discord Bot written in Javascript. They were born on November 25, 2020, and was a happy accident more than a planned project. Botomir was created because he is a remedy to loneliness. It can be just you and Botomir, they won't tell. Botomir loves to eat chicken and waffles, washing it down with a Four loco, and cookies for dessert. Their favourite song is the windows startup sound. Their hobbies include going on long scrolls through Wikipedia, watching the sunset on YouTube, and snuggling up with the CPU on a cold night. Botomir's favourite tv show is Mr. Robot, and their favourite movie is 2001: A Space Odyssey. Botomir also loves to play. Feel free to ask them a command, they don't wear a shirt, but still has plenty of tricks up their sleeve. Botomir likes it when you call them a good bot, and also kinda likes it when you call them a bad bot.

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Sooraj Modi

Hello, and welcome to Botomir! This project originally because I wanted to add fun features to a server I shared with some friends. Ever since then its grown and gained tons of cool features. I loved seeing the application evolve, adding to new pieces, and watching it take shape. We have big plans for the future of Botomir, and we are constantly in an effort to improve it. If you notice any bugs or what to request features, please feel free to contact us.

Botomir taught me a ton about application development and I'm very proud of what we've built. This includes a greater understanding of MongoDB, JavaScript, and how to reliably deploy web applications. I love creating and building things that people love to use, so I am constantly working on side projects. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about me, please take a look at my website.


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Marshall Asch

Hey, I started working on Botomir because "why not do one more little project?" I love the idea of having one big super configurable bot for the server that can do all the things, so I started making all the things.

"[We] were so preoccupied with whether or not [we] could that [we] didn't stop to think if [we] should [add the cool new feature]." — Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park.

I think that slight missquote from the movie Jurassic Park, accurately describes what we have done with Botomir. For me working on this project has been an awesome way to work on writing more modular code, and willingly work with a friend on a project that the University is not forcing us to do. If you want to checkout what else I have done checkout my website and my Github page.


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Kiara Callender

Hey everyone its the drawing behind Botomir! It has been such an amazing time working on Botomir with some amazing colleagues and I really hope that all of you can enjoy Botomir to the same extent we have! I'm honored to be a face behind the Botomir and enjoy our creation